Connor Pritchard is a New Zealand born director and photographer. Clients include, Nike, Reebok Classics, HP, Sly Guild, Fallenfront, Lower, Nox-Bridge and Daniel Wellington. He has also directed a number of music videos for big names such as The Black Seeds, Baynk, SWIDT, Raiza Biza and many more. With late nights, persistence and grit, Connor continues to reach out to the wider community with his work. Connor is currently based in New Zealand and available for projects worldwide.
The young musician and producer Jacob Barber aka Highvibe creates music inspired predominantly by modern hip-hop and pop music. Based in New Zealand, Barber belongs to the creative collective Beautiful Divine, having collaborated with Zonny in creating their debut hip-hop/rap album the beautiful divine.

With a poetic style Zonny brings a fresh take to the New Zealand rap scene. His collaborations include modern beats and acoustic guitars setting him apart from the rest. You won’t find hate lyrics in his music, positive vibes plus a feel-good sound will leave you wanting more.  Always working on the next project, Zonny is an artist that will ensure new beats come at you on the regular.
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